Erin Mander (Year 10) - Trampoline

Erin got into trampolining when she was 10-11 years old. She is currently 14 and in a short time, has achieved a lot of success.

Erin has qualified for the New Zealand National Championships and this year was placed 4th in the South Island Trampoline Championships. She also represented Mairehau High School recently in the Canterbury Secondary School Championships where she was placed 5th Junior Elite Women's Trampoline division.

Erin has set herself firm goals for her future trampoline career .

Emma Cormack (Year 12) – Squash

Emma was just 10 years old when she decided to follow in her brothers’ footsteps and start playing squash.

Emma is a high achiever in her chosen sport – being ranked 2nd in the South Island for her age group and 4th in New Zealand for her age group.

Emma has set herself a goal of getting in to the top 5 in New Zealand.

Emme Carroll (Year 12) – BMX riding

Emme was just 10 years old when she fell in love with BMX riding. Her highest achievements to date, are when she represented New Zealand in the World Championships in 2013, where she was placed with a world ranking of 20-24 for 16 year old females.

In January of this year competing in Australia and again representing New Zealand, Emme was placed 3rd in the 17-29 women’s age group.

Easter of this year, saw Emme competing in the New Zealand National Championships, here in Christchurch after meeting the eligibility criteria of competing in 4 national qualifying meets.

Emme, very proudly, made it to the semi finals in the 17-24 women’s age group. Unfortunately she tore her hamstring during the race but finished the race and was placed 11th overall.

Emme’s future goals for her BMX racing, are to compete in Australia in January 2016 as well as bettering her national ranking in the Easter 2016 racing calendar. Emmes long term goals are to represent New Zealand in th World Championship in Florida, USA in 2017.

Emme is a focused young lady who will continue to develop her skills on and off the track. She enjoys meeting riders and coaches who show great leadership and sportsmanship within the BMX circuit so that she can incorporate those learnings into her own life and to also be a mentor to others.

Zac Sanele (Year 12) – Rugby League

Zac was 15 years old when he started playing league. He was playing rugby prior to this but decided he wanted more of a challenge.

Zac was Vice Captain of the Canterbury U15’s team and current captain of the Canterbury U17 team.

​Zac is also a South Island representative in the ​Scorpians​ Ruby League Team and has attended the KIWI training camp which is an invite only camp for high achievers within the sport.

As a high achiever, Zac has set himself a goal to play for an international team in the future.

Eliza Thompson – (Year 12) Ice Hockey

Eliza is a New Zealand Under 18 Women's Team member since 2013.

She has competed in tournaments in New Zealand and Australia with this team

Eliza is also a member of the Canterbury Women's Team

Eliza participated in the International Friendship Tournament - Hudson Wisconsin, USA in 2011


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