The Health Education Learning Team at Mairehau High School are passionate about health and well-being. They hope to inspire your young person to be so too!

Through engaging and thought-provoking teaching and learning programmes, they aim to empower your young people to become critical thinkers and action takers in their personal lives, in our school, our local community and in our wider society – all with the aim of improving health and well-being.

At the end of the Health Education Learning Journey, it is our goal that students will become:

  • Well-rounded
  • Aware of Others
  • Aware of Self
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Knowledgeable /Skillful
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Leaders
  • Advocates
  • Action Takers
  • Goal-orientated
  • Role Models
  • Lifelong learners

Indeed, the Health Education Curriculum states “Through learning and by accepting challenges in health-related and movement contexts, students reflect on the nature of well-being and how to promote it. As they develop resilience and a sense of personal and social responsibility, they are increasingly able to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the well-being of those around them, of their communities, of their environments and of the wider society.”

YEAR 9/10

Health Education is compulsory for students in Year 9 and 10.
The Year 9/10 Health Education programme has been designed to address our students’ well-being needs in a relevant, engaging and meaningful way. The programme directly corresponds with the world our students are growing up in. The Year 9 programme is largely based on ‘My Friends’, a Ministry of Education imperative launched as part of Prime Minister John Key’s ‘Youth Mental Health Project’.

YEAR 11/12/13

Students can take Health Education as a subject at NCEA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Students can get up to 24 credits in each of these courses –including credits towards literacy and vocational pathways. Please see course outlines for more detail. These courses are dynamic and thought-provoking. Students develop personal and interpersonal skills, and they are encouraged to critically analyze and evaluate contemporary health and well-being issues – at a personal, interpersonal and societal level.


Studying Health Education can lead to careers in:

  • Health Promotion
  • Teaching
  • Medical Professions. Eg. Doctor, Nurse, Physio
  • Social Work
  • Policy/Parliament
  • Fitness related careers vOutdoor related careers


The Hauora Council is a team of health/well-being oriented individuals who want to make the school an increasingly healthy and better place. These students aim to initiate many positive changes to the health/wellbeing of our school through modes such as sports tournaments, fundraising and other special projects. We are on the lookout for more individuals to join this awesome team. If your young person is seeking a leadership role, wants to make a difference or plans to pursue a career in the health or events management sectors, then please send them to our weekly meetings – details in the notices.

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